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Elenchus Technologies is a Mission-oriented thought leader originated out of the Intelligence Community.  We support some of the largest, most secure, and sophisticated IT systems in the world.

Elenchus Technologies provides advanced software, systems, and network engineering, and administration teams.  We offer expertise in big data cloud-based architecture, security, and complex IT Service Management (ITSM) oriented solutions.

Our subject matter experts are incessantly engineering innovative solutions to modernize and provide emerging capabilities to the intelligence community.


What We Do

Our core competencies cover a wide array of information technology disciplines, including software engineering, systems engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and computer networking. Below are some of the primary services that Elenchus Technologies has to offer.


Why choose us

Elenchus Technologies IT services merge industry best practices with cutting edge innovation by embedding in-house experts working with our customers’ existing teams and systems, or by managing the full-outsourced services ourselves.

Our team of SMEs will streamline and automate processes, integrate support tools to improve security and service, and meet or exceed our customers’ specialized needs.

We believe in utilizing the best engineering practices and technologies. Whether starting from legacy seeking to modernize or fully developing and supporting a brand new architecture, we provide, recommend, and support the best solution for our customers to achieve Mission success.

Elenchus Technologies utilizes emerging commercial, academic, and government/military best practices to enable innovation teams, tackling our customers’ hardest problems though internal and joint R&D.

Rather get involved? Check out our Innovation Grants Program we offer employees for a glimpse into how we stimulate ongoing IR&D by allowing anyone and everyone to get involved. Job titles do not matter on these teams: What you bring to the team does.



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